Pro-Deutschland holds demonstration in Berlin

Pro Deutschland Pro Berlin demo August 2011

On Sunday the Islamophobic far-right organisation Bürgerbewegung pro Deutschland (Citizens’ Movement for Germany) staged a march in Berlin in support of its candidates for next month’s state elections.

The protestors brandished placards featuring a picture of a veiled Muslim woman with prison bars superimposed, accompanied by the slogan “Our women remain free”. Another placard which urged support for Pro Deutschland candidates on the basis that this was a vote for “Thilo’s theses” – a reference to Thilo Sarrazin’s best-selling anti-Muslim book Germany Abolishes Itself – had been the subject of a court order prohibiting the use of Sarrazin’s name, so the placards carried a sticker reading “censored” over the word “Thilos”.

Despite following what was billed as a national conference against the “Islamisation” of Germany the previous day, the protest a mere 120 participants, among them around 20 supporters of the neo-Nazi NPD.