Poll: Ban veils in shopping centres

“More than four out of 10 Britons want to ban garments that hide the face – such as the Muslim veil – from shopping centres, a survey has said…. The online poll of 1,000 people for G4S Security Services showed shoppers were more worried by anti-social behaviour than by the threat of terrorism. However, the poll was conducted before a jury at the Old Bailey convicted five Muslim extremists of plotting to use a stash of 1,300 lbs of fertiliser to blow up targets including Bluewater shopping centre…. Of those polled, 41% called for a ban on items of clothing that obscured the face. The survey did not specify any particular type of garment, although a G4S spokesman said it would be fair to assume some people interpreted the question to refer to a veil.”

Press Association, 14 May 2007