Police probe footballer who encouraged riots and bomb attacks on mosques

Shaun TuckA footballer who encouraged people to riot and “bomb and gas every mosque in England” following the terrorist beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby could be prosecuted.

Shaun Tuck is being investigated by police following his vile rant on Twitter which saw him calling for Muslim children to be beheaded in apparent revenge for the street killing of the 25-year-old soldier.

The Northern Premier League player, 26, fumed online: “All the mosque’s in England now should be bombed or gassed out!!!… Or stormed by 50 lads machetes, swords the lot. An make a statement. Am raging in me loft here yno… Got the balaclava out, dusted down an ready for the meet. I’d be going through there door mate an taking there kids head off an killing whoever was in site!!”

Cops told the Mirror they were probing Witton Albion striker Tuck, from Liverpool, and were considering taking criminal action against him under the Malicious Communications and Public Order Acts.

In further diatribes, he urged the far-right English Defence League to seek retribution for the brutal murder of solider Lee Rigby by two Muslim maniacs last Wednesday in South East London. Tuck’s blast continued: “Go f**king nuts!!! About time this country fought back. EDL are in Woolwich now!! What I’d give to be there with them now #flop #flop #flop #curryheadseverywhere.”

Daily Mirror, 28 May 2013