‘PC cops endanger public’ fascists claim

BNP fascism“Politically correct cops are failing to protect the public from possible terrorist attacks from Islamic extremists. That’s the stark conclusion from the latest figures from Scotland Yard which reveal that more than half of the 32,000 people stopped under the Terrorism Act between April and August this year were white….

“It is ludicrous that the Met’s well paid chiefs haven’t got their head around the fact not a single one of the Islamic terrorists who blew themselves up along with 52 innocent commuters on 7th July 2005 was of white European descent, that not a single member of the failed 21st July bombings was of white European descent and that the failed bombers who targeted the West End of London and Glasgow Airport in August were all Asian (specifically Middle Eastern/Pakistani Asian) males.

“It is the Met’s misguided fear of alienating ethnic minority communities that places the entire British public in danger.”

BNP news report, 26 September 2007