‘Overlook BNP at our own peril’ says BoD president

Henry Grunwald offers a perceptive analysis of the BNP’s intervention in a recent by-election in Harrow, in a ward with a large Jewish electorate:

“….  it is important to understand that the recent foray into Canons Ward was meant to highlight a purported ‘common cause’ with Jews. How? Using the alchemy of hate, the BNP sought to turn a legitimate concern with radical extremism into generalised prejudice against British Muslims.

“If nothing else, this shape-shifting vilification tactic is a reminder of the BNP’s core ideology. For no matter how they dress up their pitch, and how coded their language may be, the BNP remains dedicated to propagating their worldview in Britain, based on an anti-integration, white supremacist credo.”

Totally Jewish, 19 December 2007