Oslo: Stop Islamisation of Norway demonstration faces counter-protest

Anti-SIAN demonstration

Socialist youth movement Blitz demonstrated against SIAN’s demonstration in front of the parliament building on Saturday. On one occasion, two groups attempted to confront, but police stopped them quickly and arrested four people.

While 20 people turned up to support SIAN, almost 40 attended to the anti-SIAN demonstration.

SIAN had announced on its website before the demonstration that the Muslim prophet would be both “insulted” and “offended” at the ceremony.

The Nordic Page, 29 September 2012

SIAN had boasted that their demonstration, which was called in protest against Muslim opposition to so-called freedom of expression, would establish a “sharia-free zone”. SIAN leader Arne Tumyr was quoted as stating that his organisation had forked out 5,000 kroner for an advert in the national daily Dagladet and that lots of people would be coming.

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