‘Not possible to modernize Islam’ says WPI representative

Spiegel interviews Mina Ahadi of the Worker Communist Party of Iran, who has set up a “Central Council of Ex-Muslims in Germany”. Ahadi launches an attack on mainstream Muslim organisations in Germany: “They want to force women to wear the headscarf. They promote a climate in which girls aren’t allowed to have boyfriends or go to discos and in which homosexuality is demonized. I know Islam and for me it means death and pain.”

Spiegel, 27 February 2007

The co-founder of the Central Council of Ex-Muslims, one Arzu Toker, used the press launch to claim that Islam “humiliates women and turns them into servants of the men”. She refused to distinguish between Islam and extremist fundamentalism, claiming that that “Islam is inherently radical”. Comrade Ahadi added: “I know all about political Islam. It ends up with us being stoned to death, even here in Germany.”

Monsters and Critics, 28 February 2007