Nick Griffin turns up in Woolwich to exploit killing

Investigations Continue Into The Brutal Street Killing Of A British Soldier

BNP leader Nick Griffin has laid flowers at the site where soldier Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich, amid fears of a surge in Islamophobic abuse. Following his visit to the scene in which he read messages left by members of the public, Griffin said the “mainstream media” had turned “the religion to blame into the victim”.

Huffington Post, 24 May 2013

Nick Griffin Woolwich tweet

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Update:  See “BNP leader criticised over Lee Rigby tribute”, ITV News, 24 May 2013

Update 2:  See “Drummer Lee Rigby’s death ‘signals beginning of civil war’, claims BNP”, London24, 25 May 2013

Update 3:  And here, courtesy of Political Scrapbook, is the email the BNP sent out in an attempt to capitalise on the murder:

BNP Woolwich email