National Post readers on Quebec’s ‘Charter of Values’

The National Post has invited its readers to give their views on Quebec’s controversial “Charter of Values”. Some letters oppose the repressive legislation, but the majority are in favour, and even those against the Quebec government’s proposals often back a complete ban on the niqab.

Some examples of readers’ comments:

“Quebec is a secular province that is simply trying to protect its culture, freedoms and diversity. Why should its government employees have the right to advertise their faith by displaying their religious apparel in their workplace?”

“I definitely support Quebec’s ban because I don’t believe the fragmentation of our society under the guise of multiculturalism has benefited us.”

“Quebec, as well as the rest of Canada should extend the ban to all places outside of the home and places of worship, especially in schools.”

“Christopher Hitchens put it succinctly: ‘religion poisons everything’.”

“Better the tyranny of the majority over minorities, than the tyranny of minorities over the overwhelming majority. Ms. Marois is only trying to counteract the stupid, treasonous, illogical multiculturalism disease. ”

“Religious tokens are odious in the public service and if you don’t like it, work elsewhere. I don’t carry my Bible on my head when I go shopping; I use it in my home in privacy.”

“I see religion as the greatest single divider of the human race.”

“Within living memory, Quebec has had fully garbed nuns as nursing sisters or teachers and lived with both the kippa and the turban. The issue is invasion of North America by a patriarchal culture that keeps its women in sacks in public.”

“Islamic militancy is yet a further reminder that we need to see faces in Canada.”

“I do not support the new legislation in Quebec, but I do support the outlawing of the burka and the niqab. Besides it’s not part of the religion, it’s nothing but a custom that keeps women in the dark ages.”

“I feel the niqab should be banned completely, even on the street. With the growth of terrorism all over the world, we must know who we are dealing with in our every day lives.”

“I do not object to crosses or kippas, or Sikh males with uncut hair, twisting their locks into a top knot wrapped in colourful turbans. I do strongly object to a culture that compels women to cover their heads, faces, or whole bodies, believing that exposing these publicly is shameful. This denigrates women even when they claim it as a personal choice.”

“Yes, it is overtly un-Canadian; but what, those who call it un-Canadian, fail to understand is that it is un-Canadian only within the Canadian context. It is not so in the context of Islamization which has nothing to do with freedom of religion and individual liberties – as unambiguously evidenced by Islamic societies – other than to exploit those values to push Islam’s un-Canadian agendas in this country.”