National Front plan Skegness demonstration against halal abattoir

A nationalist political organisation opposing multiculturalism and immigration has planned a demonstration against proposals for a halal abattoir in Skegness.

The National Front has invited its members to walk through the town distributing flyers and displaying banners opposing the Muslim practice of slaughter on Saturday, September 15.

Deputy chairman Kevin Bryan said: “We are against halal and kosher slaughterhouses full stop – it’s alien to this country and we don’t want to see it here. Islam is an alien religion to our shores and we don’t think we should have them in this country.”

The group insists it is not racist, claiming to oppose immigrants of all races, “to return this county to its genetic make-up of the 1940s.”

Skegness Standard, 31 August 2012

Update:  The NF is not the only far-right group aiming to exploit the Skegness “halal slaughterhouse” issue. The British National Party has also reported that its campaign against the abattoir is central to its efforts to build its organisation in Lincolnshire.