Muslims join fellow Londoners to unite against the far-right

The Muslim Council of Britain today joined forces with Operation Black Vote and a diverse coalition of groups from Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh faiths to unite against the threat from far Right political groups.

This unprecedented coalition launched a 100-foot billboard poster across the Capital that warns of the critical danger from the far Right at the upcoming elections.

The poster is designed in a Banksy style design, with a hard hitting image. The MCB is encouraging Muslims to readily join fellow Londoners to go out and vote on local matters and stop the far right. If you don’t vote, you don’t count.We must all stand united against these peddlers of hate. The far right will aim to gain legitimacy by winning a seat on the London Assembly and use the funding paid to Assembly Members by your council tax to promote its Islamophobic hatred. Participating in local elections is our civic duty and is in the best traditions of Islam.

The threat is also real outside London, with local elections taking place in certain cities and counties in England and Wales ( for further information).


– The MCB has launched a campaign to raise awareness amongst its affiliates. Mosques are advised to encourage their congregations to vote on 1 May
– Affiliates are advised to launch effective local campaigns by seeking coalitions with other groups and other faiths
– Muslim student groups are raising awareness amongst young people in student unions
– Muslim and ethnic media are hosting debates and discussions on democratic participation and airing the MCB ad to encourage voter registration (to see the video, visit
– MCB is working with a diverse range of bodies who are commited to
democratic participation, wish to raise the very real social concerns affecting Londoners, and those active in preventing the far-right in gaining a foothold in public life


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