Muslims are ‘death cult warriors in suicide belts’ says Nazi leader

Nazi scumNick Griffin explains the problem with Muslims:

“It’s not just about Israel, or Palestine, or lraq (where, after all, the vast majority of civilian deaths have been at the hands of sectarian Muslims). It is also about their conviction that it’s their mission to Islamify Europe in general and Britain in particular. They see our lands as halfway towards falling into their hands, and read every attempt by the liberal Establishment to keep ‘moderate’ Islam onside as a further example of the weakness and decadence of our society. To them, our allowing their religion to be taught in our schools is not about multiculturalism or teaching ‘respect’, it’s a symptom of a society that has lost its way, that has forgotten its own roots – a society that it is Allah’s Will shall and must turn to the Way of the Prophet Mohammed (‘Peace Be Upon Him’, as our children will shortly have to say and write in schools).

“This is the problem for those who say that all we have to do to dodge the Clash of Civilisations is to change our policy in the Middle East. This is the line from all sorts of people, from leftists and liberals right through to neo-Nazis. But they are all either mistaken, fooling themselves, or lying. It’s too late for that; they don’t just want to get ‘the West’ out of Muslim lands, they also want to impose Islam on the West. The combination of ignorance and cowardice among our ruling elite that leads them to try to appease this unappeasable monster only serves to encourage them.

“There is no point in the cowards and apologists gesturing towards moderate strands of Islamic thought…. We have to deal with Islam as it is, not as liberals would wish it to be. Which means we have to deal with death cult warriors in suicide belts, not ascetic Holy Men wandering around in loin cloths.”

Chairman’s Column, 5 September 2006