Muslims and anti-fascists unite to fight BNP

Muslim community leaders united with anti-fascist campaigners during Friday prayers yesterday and called for a vote against the far-right British National Party on May 3.

The Muslim Council of Britain called for leaflets to be distributed to highlight the danger of the BNP to the Muslim community, with secretary-general Dr Abdul Bari declaring that the Muslim community is an integral part of British society while fascism is not. “We believe that it is both a civic and Islamic duty for Muslims to use their votes, to defend democracy and to oppose hatred,” he said. “We are proud to join the diverse coalition of Unite Against Fascism to stand against fascism – we call on all Muslims, and fellow Britons everywhere, to use their vote on May 3.”

Unite Against Fascism joint secretary Denis Fernando said: “The fascist BNP are utilising the same tactics as the nazis did before them, attempting to make electoral gains by whipping up hatred against minority and vulnerable communities. A recent Gallup poll showed that almost three-quarters of Muslims had a loyalty to Britain, whilst less than half of non-Muslims shared the same view. UAF is proud to work with the Muslim community to oppose the extremist policies of the BNP, which pose a threat to Muslims,and all those who value democracy.”

Morning Star, 28 April 2007

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Download MCB/UAF leaflet (pdf) here