Muslim woman sues local leader of Wilders’ party

A Muslim woman from Almere is suing local Freedom Party leader Raymond de Roon for discrimination and inciting hatred.

One of the Freedom Party’s stated aims in Almere is a ban on headscarves in the council house and other publicly-funded institutions.

Ayse Bayrak-de Jager said: “I became a Muslim and I chose to wear a headscarf. My headscarf is part of my identity and I’m not taking it off. I only take my clothes off for one man and that’s my husband.”

Even though the Freedom Party is the largest party in Almere, it is by no means certain that the council will introduce a headscarf ban. Mr De Roon abandoned council talks last week when none of the other political parties was prepared to support his party on this issue.

Radio Netherlands, 22 March 2010