Muslim mother is abused by schoolchildren

Tracy ShahA mum who converted to Islam says she is being subjected to abuse each day as she walks her children home from school by pupils who jeer at her from a passing bus.

Tracy Shah, 31, of Shipley, who wears a headscarf, claims she has been spat and sworn at since February by a group of pupils travelling on a bus from St Bede’s Catholic Grammar School, which passes her on Canal Road and Gaisby Lane.

Orange juice has been thrown over her two-year-old daughter, water has been thrown at them from bus windows and verbal abuse hurled, Mrs Shah claims.

The mother-of-three who converted to Islam in 2003 before marrying her husband, said: “They have sworn at me and shouted out of the windows at me “why are you wearing a towel on your head?”

Telegraph & Argus, 26 September 2011