Muslim girl’s headscarf airbrushed

A Muslim schoolgirl’s traditional headscarf was airbrushed from a class photograph, a parliamentary inquiry has heard. A state parliamentary inquiry into dress codes and school uniforms yesterday heard several Muslim students had been discriminated against because of their dress.

Islamic Council of Victoria executive committee member Sherene Hassan said the student wore her hijab in a class photograph, but it was airbrushed so it would not stand out. “You can imagine that was quite demoralising,” Ms Hassan said. Ms Hassan also told the inquiry one Victorian student was told she would not be admitted to school if she wore her hijab. “That individual was so keen to attend that school she decided not to wear her headscarf,” she said. While the majority of schools supported students who wore the headgear, some teachers needed more understanding of Islam, she said.

Herald Sun, 5 June 2007