Muslim couple say train attack was racial hatred

Police are searching for a gang of about 20 Derby men after an attack on a Muslim couple on a train to Nottingham.

Abida Malik said the men called her and her husband Asif Ahmed terrorists. One man put Mr Ahmed in a headlock saying he was making a citizen’s arrest.

The gang boarded the train at Loughborough on Easter Sunday evening, after what British Transport Police believe was a drinking session.

Officers have described it as an “unpleasant and nasty” incident.

Abida Malik, who wears the hijab – or headscarf – was travelling home after a wedding in Leicester with her husband.

She said: “I was full of fear, my heart was beating really fast and I felt so helpless because there was so many of them.”

“Everyone seemed too scared to do anything… Now I don’t want to travel on the train by myself, and I don’t want him (Asif) to go by himself. They could have stabbed him”.

BBC News, 8 April 2010

See also FOSIS press release, 9 April 2010