Muslim Council of Britain responds to Ware’s Panorama programme

MCB Statement on Panorama Story – “British Schools, Islamic Rules”

Tuesday 23 November 2010In relation to the BBC Panorama programme on Muslim schools, the Muslim Council of Britain issued the following statement: “The vast majority of Muslim schools in this country offer a much-needed service to British Muslims. Many full-time Muslim schools have achieved impressive results in educational league tables, and part-time schools inspire young Muslims to contribute to the common good.

“The Muslim Council of Britain is heartened that the majority of Muslim schools work towards established standards, striving to promote an agenda that recognises Britain’s cherished pluralism. We hope that those few schools that fall short of such objectives, if indeed they do, redouble their efforts for the benefit of their own children”.

Commenting on the programme itself, the Muslim Council of Britain said: “The programme’s incendiary title and commentary from the programme’s presenter has already contributed to the mood-music that Muslims are somehow separate, foreign and un-British. Responsible reporting would examine faith schools in its totality.”

John Ware had complete disregard for the value of Ofsted inspection, a nationally recognised body governing schools, and chose to seek something of a minority to cause contention. The programme did not represent a fair documentation as it failed to inform of the Muslim schools that have conveyed successful achievements and pass rates and was inept to fully highlight the findings from rigorous Ofsted inspection.

MCB press release, 23 November 2010

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