MPs are not taking Islamophobia seriously enough

Leon Moosavi has an article on the Liverpool University websitetitled “Islamophobia in contemporary Britain”. Among the points he makes the following in particular is worth highlighting:

Keith Vaz MP tabled an Early Day Motion in Parliament suggesting that Islamophobia be recorded by police forces across Britain so that it can be better understood. This would be a significant step forward it understanding the way Islamophobia operates in British society.

Yet, there is still much to be done to raise awareness of the seriousness of Islamophobia, as many seem not to be convinced that it is as serious an issue as similar prejudices like anti-semitism and racism. Perhaps that is why, up until now, only 24 out of 650 MPs have signed the EDM for Islamophobia to recorded by police forces.

To put that neglect into perspective, 90 MPs have signed an EDM against turtle farming and 73 MPs have signed an EDM calling for elephant protection. The Islamophobia petition has only managed to receive as many MP signatures as a petition against dog attacks on postmen!

The point here is not that turtles, elephants and postmen don’t matter, but that it appears as though there is reluctance from the most influential figures in society to acknowledge that the 3 million Muslims living in Britain are at risk of discrimination. This attitude of denial is rather disturbing, especially since it resides with the well-educated and well-briefed elite.

You can find the EDM “Recording Islamophobia as a crime” here. If your MP hasn’t yet signed it you can contact them here.