MPACUK alert: Muslims thrown off plane for acting ‘suspiciously’!

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee has issued a call for complaints to be made in response to the case of Sohail Ashraf and Khurram Zeb, the two innocent Asian students who were marched off a Monarch  jet at gunpoint because other passengers feared they were terrorists:

We request you to make your feelings known to Monarch airline as well as the Department of Transport using the following contact details, calling for an apology by the airline and stating clearly that you object to the victimisation of particularly Muslim passengers because of their appearance and creed.

MOREOVER should the airline decline to make an official apology we will be calling for a complete boycott of all travel with the airline.

Copy all of these organisations in your email!

Monarch Airlines

  • Geoff Atkinson – Monarch Group Lawyer and Company Secretary
  • Tel: 01582 398 043
  • Send your complaints by clicking here.

Copy the message to:

  • Department for Transport Aviation Team – responsible for all aviation policy!
  • David McMillan (Director of Aviation)