MP condemns EDL plan to ‘hit’ Tower Hamlets

EDL Close East London MosqueLabour MP Rushanara Ali has added her support to a campaign to stop a right-wing march in East London.

Members of the English Defence League were caught planning to ‘hit’ Tower Hamlets with a large demonstration this summer. But local politicians have reacted angrily to the proposals and a petition is already circulating to try and stop the march.

Ms Ali told the Advertiser: “Over the years many groups have come to the East End trying to foster hatred and division. The English Defence League is now attempting to join this dishonourable list. I condemn the EDL, and all attempts to divide this community and stir up hatred. Racism, Islamophobia, and bigotry have no place in modern Britain, and if the EDL insist on coming to Tower Hamlets they will find East Enders ready to stand up and reject this latest attempt to divide us.”

East London Advertiser, 1 June 2010

See also “Politicians attack right-wing group plan to ‘hit’ London’s East End”, East London Advertiser, 1 June 2010