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Arches Winter 2010Arches Quarterly – Volume 4 Edition 7

Latest Issue – Islamophobia and Anti Muslim Hatred

The Cordoba Foundation presents its Winter 2010 edition of Arches Quarterly, a journal providing nuanced analysis of the issues and developments in the arena of dialogue, civilizations, and a rapprochement between Islam and the West.

In this edition, Arches Quarterlyresponds to the rising levels of anti-Muslim hatred across the globe. Commonly referred to as “Islamophobia”, contributors discuss among other things, conceptual challenges posed by the term, the location of it in the racial imperial-colonial matrix and by providing examples from across the world, show that it is a reality in today’s climate. The issue also explores the responsibility of Muslim civil society to combat internal and external challenges.

In this edition:

Islamophobia and Terrorism: Impediments to the Culture of Peace — Prof Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu

Contemporary Islamophobia Before 9/11: A Brief History — Dr Chris Allen

Islamophobia and Hispanophobia: How They Came Together in the Euro-American Imagination — Walter D. Mignolo

Islamophobia & Anti-Semitism: History and Possibility — Rabbi Reuven Firestone

Islamophobia, Mimetic Warfare and the Bugaboo of Shari’a Compliance: Counter-Strategies for Common Ground – Dr Robert D. Crane

The New McCarthyism in Europe — Liz Fekete

Sweden and Anti-Muslim Hysteria — Kristoffer Larsson

Sole Protector, of What? Unpacking Turkey’s Anti-Muslim Policies — Dr Merve Kavakci Islam

Will Europe Surrender to Selective Racism? An Interpretative Model of a Worsening Phenomenon — Hossam Shaker

Muslims in the Polish Media: The New Folk Devil? — Dr Konrad Pedziwiatr

Islamophobia: A Deep-Rooted Phenomenon — Marwan Muhammad

Situating Anti-Muslim Hatred in Contemporary Indian Society —Ram Puniyani

The Defence of Omar Khadr in the Age of Islamophobia — Dennis Edney

Analysing the Growing Scepticism Towards the Idea of Islamophobia — Dr Nasar Meer and Professor Tariq Modood

British Muslim Organisations: The Target of an Orchestrated Neocon Campaign of Denigration — Dr Robert Lambert

South African Muslims Over Three Centuries: From the Jaws of Islamophobia to the Joys of Equality — Ebrahim Rasool

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