Labour council rejects disabled man’s Ramadan fast help plea

A disabled man who is unable to feed himself has said his local council is refusing to pay for two hours of extra care to help him fast during Ramadan.

Imraan Adam, from Derby, has cerebral palsy and is fed his meals by carers. He said in order to fast between sunrise and sunset he needed additional help very early in the morning. Derby City Council said his request was denied because of its “challenging” financial status and because he already got a “substantial level of support”.

Mr Adam, who graduated from the University of Derby with a first class journalism degree, said: “I can’t do anything with my hands and I need to be physically fed. It means I have to come up with the money myself – or I can’t fast.” He said it would cost about an extra £30 a day – the current weekly cost of his support is nearly £2,000.

In previous years the city council has paid for the extra care.

BBC News, 5 July 2013