It’s a clash of civilisations, former Mossad chief explains

“This is not a conflict between Israel and Hezbollah over a piece of land on the Israeli-Lebanese border. Rather, it goes deep down to the core of the conflict that exists between Western societies and fundamentalist Islam. As politically incorrect as it might be to say, let’s face it: This is a clash of civilizations. Or, as some euphemize it, a fight between the forces of order and disorder. One side does not accept the idea of coexistence but believes it has been ordained by God Almighty to make the rest of the world Islamic – or to eliminate it. Whenever I say this, it sounds like I’m describing medieval times. Unfortunately, it is the real story.”

Shabtai Shavit, former director general of Mossad, explains Israel’s war against Lebanon.

Herald Sun, 25 July 2006