‘Islamophobia group loses main sponsors’

Well, that the headline to an article by Martin Bright in the Jewish Chronicle, reporting on recent developments in the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia.

What actually happened was that two of the APPG’s officers – Chris Hopkins and Greville Janner – resigned their posts because they failed to get support for their attempt to remove ENGAGE from its position as the group’s secretariat. That attempt was reported by the JC in December under the headline “Anti-Islamophobia parliamentary group drop ‘Islamist’ secretariat”, with Bright informing his readers that the APPG had been “forced to end its partnership” with ENGAGE.

It’s also worth noting that Bright’s December report referred to ENGAGE as an “Islamist” organisation in quotes. In his latest report they have become “an Islamist group that backs Hamas”.

Bright and the JC evidently have a serious problem with accurate reporting when it comes to Muslim organisations.