‘Islam is the enemy of Christianity and seeks its complete destruction’ – BNP

Betraying Britain's Christian heritage“So Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, claims that the adoption of Islamic law in Britain is unavoidable. He believes that in a multi-cultural society our laws must be adapted to accommodate the other law traditions of the immigrant population, especially the Muslim community, in Britain.

“It doesn’t seem to worry the leader of the Anglican Church that Muslims regard sharia law as the word of God, their God, and as a divine law that regulates all areas of their lives. It doesn’t seem to worry him either that sharia law discriminates against women and against non-Muslims and lays down a multitude of punishments, including imprisonment, beating, annulment of marriage, disinheritance and death, for Muslims who leave their faith.

“The introduction of state-sanctioned sharia courts will further encourage the growth of fundamental Islam in Britain and will attract more Muslim immigrants to come to these shores. More mosques will be built and more churches will be closed yet Williams still seems determined on feeding and defending this dangerous cuckoo in our nest which is hellbent on destroying Christianity in Britain.

“Wherever sharia has been given expanded space in the legal systems of Muslim states, it has inevitably led to infringements of the rights of non-Muslims negatively affecting the intellectual debate, narrowing the limits of freedom and threatening the critics of Islam.

“Williams is appeasing Islam in the vain hope that the Muslim community here will feel more at home. In the promotion of multiculturalism he is prepared to discard the established principles of equality before the law and individual liberty which are the foundation stones of Western societies.”

“Britain is already a long way down the road towards Islamification. Many informal sharia courts are operating in Muslim communities, there is now a sharia compliant financial system set up by the Labour Government, sharia regulations such as those to do with halal food, Islamic dress and gender segregation in physical exercises are complied with in schools and educational institutions. Some of these regulations also operate in public services such as the police, the NHS and the prison system.

“What hope is there for our Christian traditions when the most senior of clergy in the country are opening the door and welcoming the enemy in. And make no mistake, Islam is the enemy of Christianity and seeks its complete destruction. The Archbishop of Canterbury can at best be considered mad, or at worst a dangerous threat to his faith and the Christian future of our country.”

Editorial in the Voice of Freedom, March 2008