Inquiry is vital to retain Muslim confidence – MP

The Labour MP Sadiq Khan welcomed a government inquiry yesterday into alleg-ations that Scotland Yard had bugged conversations between him and a constituent acccused of terrorist offences. Khan said: “Constituents should have the confidence to speak to their MP in confidence, with candour so they can be helped with their case. My phone has rung off the hook with constituents who are concerned and annoyed.”

The Muslim Council of Britain said it wanted urgent meetings with the government over the “appalling” allegations which could damage confidence in the police: “Today’s revelations are simply appalling and raise a whole range of vital issues to do with confidentiality and how to hold to account the improper behaviour of senior police officers. This kind of behaviour cannot but do immense damage to the level of trust between Muslim communities and the police.”

Guardian, 4 February 2008

See also MCB press release, 3 February 2008