Hundreds back plan for Shrewsbury Muslim prayer centre

Hundreds of people have signed an online petition supporting Shrewsbury’s first Muslim prayer centre.

The petition was launched by anti-racism group Hope Not Hate on Friday and by yesterday afternoon had attracted 365 signatures.

The organisation has put together the letter to present to Shropshire councillors on Thursday ahead of their decision on whether to allow the change of use of the former register office at Column Lodge in Preston Street.

The group launched the petition as a way in which locals can respond to extremist opposition to the prayer centre from the likes of the English Defence League, who have organised protests in Shrewsbury about the centre.

To view the petition, visit

Shropshire Star, 17 June 2013

Update:  See “600 sign petition in favour of Shrewsbury Muslim prayer centre”, Shropshire Star, 19 June 2013