‘How would liberals like it if 10,000 Muslims moved into the area?’ fascist asks

bnp-islam-posterCommunity leaders have lashed out against British National Party leader Nick Griffin after he suggested putting immigrants in Hampstead to see how the “liberal elite” liked it.

The comments were made in an interview on the Andrew Marr Show last Sunday when the BBC One show host asked him what should be done about people who want to come to Britain. Mr Griffin said: “If we’re going to allow them to come, for a start, I’d say, Well, let’s start sticking them in Hampstead in the places where the liberal elite live instead of poor places like Barking and Barnsley and Manchester and see how you people like it.”

Rather than backtracking on Mr Griffin’s inflammatory comments, BNP press officer Simon Darby went further by preaching the party’s anti-immigrant sentiments. He said how “would they like it if 10,000 Muslims moved into the area”.

He said: “I suppose these people would have no objection to Hampstead becoming Islamified – if they had Muslim fundamentalists living next door. It all depends what kind of immigrants we are dealing with. If all of a sudden there were plans to turn Hampstead into east London, I’m sure it wouldn’t go down very well. Millions of white Londoners have moved out of the capital because of what’s happened.”

Hampstead & Highgate Express, 16 July 2009