How to stop ‘the Islamification of Great Britain’ – a fascist explains

bnp-islam-poster“… we know that the Islamification of Europe was planned back as early as the 1950’s by people who wished to create a Eurabia, prior to the creation of a one world government. Their plans are now well advanced…. In Our Country, The Cult of the Dead Paedophile have created, whilst the British People slept an Islamic Government with its own Parliament and Judiciary and is now starting to act as a nation within a nation….

“They have their own communication channels and carefully select their areas for colonisation. Once firmly embedded they then seek to change their environment to suit them. The original inhabitants are then ‘encouraged’ to move. They can then control the political process in that area with their block votes and their casual attitude towards electoral fraud…. But no one can say that we were not warned. What parts of ‘Islam will rule the World‘ or them saying ‘This is our country now‘ and ‘The flag of Islam will fly over England‘ do we not understand? …

Our only chance is for a British National Party government. These Assembly and local elections are our launchpad. We must succeed. I leave you to imagine the alternative.

Home of the Green Arrow, 1 May 2007