How fascists evade racial hatred laws

“What happened here was that a 62 year old in Leeds, Dick Warrington, put one of these ‘Islam out of Britain’ posters in the window of his house. The police came one day and asked him to remove it and took it away. The next day, of course, he put another one in the window. The police come and they arrest him under incitement to racial hatred. Of course, what happened was that once they got to the police station they found out that there is no legislation to cover his arrest, because Muslims are excluded from existing racial hatred laws. The BNP are fully aware of this. I will just read a quote from them. They say ‘The snag for the police, however, is that Islam is not covered by the anti-free speech race law… it’s legal to say anything you want about Islam, even far more extreme things than the very moderate message on the poster’. I think that is the first point I would like to make, that the BNP and the National Front and other far right groups are fully aware of the legislation and they do work entirely within those constraints.”

Chris Allen of FAIR explains to the House of Lords Select Committee on Religious Offences how fascists are able to circumvent the law against inciting racial hatred.

Select Committee on Religious Offences, 17 October 2002