Harrow Central Mosque rejects ‘Sharia court’ claims

Harrow MosqueHarrow Central Mosque has hit back at suggestions that the new building will host a Sharia Law Court after protesters against extremism released plans to rally outside the centre. Last week the Observer revealed the English Defence League’s plans to protest outside the Station Road based Mosque on August 29, after suggestions it would host a court on the site. But Ghulam Rabbani, general secretary of Harrow Central Mosque, said:

“It is important to make clear that there are no plans to hold Sharia court meetings at the new Mosque. We have never considered any such plans and it is a matter of public record from our planning applications. We are confused as to why the protesters ever thought this was the case. The new Mosque is a building which will be open to all and has been welcomed by other faith communities and we reject attempts to divide us. We are proud to be British, Muslim and Harrow residents, and we embrace all three of these identities.”

It is thought that the protests will go ahead irrespective of this and as a result an emergency meeting between senior council officials and community leaders has been scheduled for Friday, August 21.

Harrow Observer, 18 August 2009