Halifax: unity event called to oppose racist EDL, Saturday 9 July

Support is growing in Halifax for the antiracist unity event opposing the racists and fascists of the English Defence League on Saturday 9 July.

The EDL is coming to the West Yorkshire town on that date in its latest attempt to stir up racist hatred against Muslims in the area. The EDL’s planned demo in Halifax is part of a summer of hate.

Halifax Labour Party, the Central Jamia Mosque Madni, the Calderdale branch of the National Union of Teachers and the Calderdale and Kirklees branch of the PCS union have all thrown their weight behind the antiracist unity event organised by Halifax UAF.

Halifax MP Linda Riordan and Calder ward councillor Dave Young have also signed a statement backing the unity event and opposing the EDL’s attempts to organise in Halifax. NUT reps from across the area unanimously backed the antiracist statement at a meeting to discuss the pensions strike this week.

The unity event starts at 12 noon on Saturday 9 July, at People’s Park, King Cross Street, Halifax.

There have been a series of racist incidents involving EDL members around the town – earlier this month an EDL thug who theatened two elderly Asian men was given a suspended jail sentence. Other EDL members sang racist songs when the EDL staged a demo in Halifax in April.

Local antiracists are determined to show that the EDL thugs are not welcome in their town.

UAF news report, 2 July 2011