Griffin denounces proposed C of E ban on BNP

“It is ridiculous that the Church of England is concerned with persecuting Christian BNP members while church buildings are being turned into mosques as Britain is colonised by Islam,” said BNP leader Nick Griffin in his reaction to the CoE decision to bar clergy from joining the party.

“Up and down the country, CoE churches are being turned into mosques,” he said. “Instead of concerning themselves with their empty pews, the leftist clergymen worry about a party which is dedicated to preventing the displacement of Christianity by Islam in this country.”

BNP news article, 10 February 2009

Update:  Tough luck, Nick. The Guardian reports: “The governing body of the Church of England, the General Synod, voted overwhelmingly to follow the lead of the police and bar ordained priests, trainees and lay staff from becoming members of racist political parties, specifically including the BNP.”