Germany is becoming Islamophobic

Writing in Der Spiegel, Erich Follath assesses the impact of Thilo Sarrazin and his anti-Muslim co-thinkers:

“Their efforts are having an effect, and are bringing about changes in Germany. The changes aren’t sufficiently dramatic to jeopardize democracy right away, but are gradual, like a slow-acting poison. From a cosmopolitan country characterized by religious freedom, Germany is slowly becoming a state that is dominated by exaggerated fears and that exhibits the beginnings of an Islamophobic society….

“The concept of Muslims as the enemy is becoming more targeted, with Islam being held accountable for many social problems, like unemployment, the supposed inundation of foreigners and deficits in education. A religion has become a scapegoat – and a focal point for intolerance and hate….

“Germany is changing. And although it is not yet a consistently Islamophobic society, a Sarrazin republic, it is certainly on its way to becoming one.”

See also Gavin Hewitt, “German angst over immigration”, BBC News, 31 August 2010