Gay Muslims object to negative Channel 4 portrayal

“Imaan, the support group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Muslims are featured in the Channel 4 documentary Gay Muslims, produced by Love Productions, which is being broadcast on Monday, 23rd January at 8.00pm.

“Imaan wish to make it clear that its participation in the documentary was NOT made in partnership or consultation with the group – the largest and longest established LGBT Muslim group in the UK and Europe. Indeed Imaan tried very hard to obtain editorial input but Love Productions refused. Instead they appeared more interested, from the outset, in casting gay Muslims in a negative and inaccurate light.

“Contrary to the angle of the documentary most of the LGBT Muslim community do not lead ‘tortuous, secret lives’ but are happy balanced individuals who are supported by a growing LGBT Muslim community and increasingly by the wider gay AND Muslim communities in this country and abroad.”

Imaan press release, 21 January 2006

And have Peter Tatchell and Outrage rallied to support Imaan on this issue? No, of course not – they’re more interested in staging stupid provocations like this.