FOSIS welcomes Dispatches documentary

The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) in the UK and Eire has welcomed the need for more balanced media coverage in the UK. It followed the Dispatches documentary aired on Channel 4 by the reporter Peter Oborne.

Faisal Hanjra, president of FOSIS, said today, “It has always been clear, and the airing of tonight’s programme further reiterated, the need for sensible reporting on issues related to Islam. We welcome discussion around points in Islam but there is a fundamental need to balance debates and to avoid inflaming tensions particularly in communities where misunderstandings already exist.”

He further added, “Clearly there is a necessity for communities to come together to defeat terror and it is high time that certain media outlets realise their responsibility in acting as catalysts to bring people together and not to tear community groups apart. Such actions do nothing but aid the very people seeking to divide us.”

Asian Image, 8 July 2008