Fascists resist the ‘creeping Islamification’ of death

Tower Hamlets CemeteryThe London Borough of Tower Hamlets is considering a proposal to re-open a disused cemetery as a multi-faith burial ground. Predictably, the British National Party has responded with a typical piece entitled “Tower Hamlets: Our dead to be dug up to make room for Muslims?

According to the fascists: “hundreds of thousands of British bodies may be exhumed if Muslim-friendly Tower Hamlets council gives the go-ahead…. Apparently the local Islamic community ‘need’ a specific burial site – as cremation is not for them. And, in the best traditions of appeasement, the local council is determined that they shall have one…. Labour’s environment spokesman in Tower Hamlets, one Abdal Ullah, said: ‘To preserve the respect and dignity for everyone, I think most of the graves would have to be cleared out and we’d start afresh.’ And the remains of our British ancestors dumped where exactly Abdul? … Even in death, apparently, we are not free from creeping Islamification.”

BNP regional voices, 8 October 2007

Update:  Readers will be pleased to hear that the threat to Western civilisation has apparently receded. The BNP now reports that it has received a communication from Denise Jones, leader of Tower Hamlets Council, who states: “With regards to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, there are currently no plans to re-open it as a cemetery.”