Fascists promote petition to ban sharia law

The British National Party is promoting an e-petition calling on the government to ban sharia law in the UK. BNP leader Nick Griffin is quoted as saying:

“The Muslim community are pushing ahead with setting up sharia law in parts of Britain and are banking on little opposition because of people’s fears of being branded ‘racists’ if they dare to voice their objections. It is important that the Government know that the British people will not allow Sharia Law to be established in Britain through the back door.”

The petition reads:

The tacit acceptance of Sharia Law into the United Kingdom threatens the rights and freedoms of all citizens. Sharia Law is barbaric, oppressive and demeaning. The laws under which the citizens of the United Kingdom are expected to live are enacted by our elected representatives at Westminster. No individual, nor any group should be allowed to introduce Sharia Law in any area of the country without the full approval of all UK citizens. Until the citizens of the United Kingdom give their approval to introduce Sharia Law, by voting for it via the ballot box, the Government should end their current acquiescence on this subject and take all necessary measures to uphold the law of the land.