Fascists back ministers over Muslims

BNP demonstration“New Labour ministers are scrambling over one another to become number one hate figure amongst the Muslim community, leaving BNP spokesmen trailing, by a series of statements which show that some of our rulers are capable of speaking the truth and acknowledging commonsense after all.

“For years the BNP has been warning of the threat of militant Islam to the British way of life and the rapid pace of Islamification following concession after concession from public bodies, government agencies and private businesses, these concessions being made all in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘understanding’ in a multicultural society. For those warnings BNP spokesmen and women were condemned as ‘racist’, ‘Islamophobic’, ‘bigoted’, ‘intolerant’ and any epithet media pundits chose to use in order to end the debate about the presence of Islam in this country.

“The Crown Prosecution Service went one further and in a stitch up involving the BBC and West Yorkshire Police BNP leader Nick Griffin was arrested in December 2004 and charged with several counts of using language which might be likely to incite racial hatred. His ‘crime’; at two private BNP meetings in West Yorkshire he called Islam ‘a vicious wicked faith’…. Mr. Griffin’s warning now seems a distant echo compared to the repeated calls in recent days from government ministers for Muslims to start adapting to our British way of life.”

BNP news article, 15 October 2006