Fascists at ‘March for Free Expression’

defenders of free expressionThose who question whether the far right was present at Saturday’s ‘March for Free Expression’ in Trafalgar Square are referred to the BNP’s report, which states that the rally was attended by “a delegation from Civil Liberty, the organisation established earlier this year to defend the rights of patriotic Britons…. Whereas there are scores of organisations, some of which are publicly funded, that defend ethnic minority groups in their usual divisive way by excluding the indigenous majority from taking advantage of their services, until recently there has not been one single organisation that was prepared to defend the hard won freedoms of the British majority…. About 40 CL supporters attended the protest rally and handed out literature which was well received by other defenders of our fundamental liberties.”

BNP news report, 27 March 2006

See also Civil Liberty news report, 27 March 2006

Cf. Peter Tatchell’s claim: “Contrary to the lies and scaremongering of the far left, there was no BNP presence at Saturday’s rally.” Or the assertion by Tatchell’s sidekick Brett Lock that fascists “were explicitly banned from the march”. Odd that. I don’t recall seeing stewards intervening to prevent “Civil Liberty” distributing its glossy literature at the demonstration.

For the LAGCAR statement that Tatchell and Lock polemicise against, see here.