Fascist draws lessons from the Mumbai terrorist attacks

BNP demonstration“In Britain, Muslims currently make up 5% of the population and that total is increasing every year.

“The Islamic lobby here, as in India, is pushing, pushing all the time for more self-determination and our weak-kneed Government gives in every time. To avoid what is happening in India we need to stem the growth of Islam in our country NOW.

“We need to stop all immigration into Britain. Send all illegal immigrants back to their own countries. Send all migrant workers home. Oppose all planning applications for new mosques, conversions to mosques and expansion to existing mosques.

“But most importantly, we must encourage through financial incentives Muslims living in Britain legally, to move to an Islamic country where they will be able to celebrate their religion with other Muslims. Britain is a Christian country and if we wish to keep it that way and for our people to be able to live free from fear of attack from within, then we must take steps now to safeguard our future.”

Martin Wingfield’s blog, 28 November 2008