Family’s hell at the hands of racist yobs

A Sheffield mum says she has suffered years of sickening racist abuse for living with an Asian man. Nicola Clark says her life is being destroyed by racist yobs who have subjected her and her 33-year-old partner Aftab Hussain to a spate of attacks since they and their children moved on to the Arbourthorne estate two years ago.

Nicola said: “They have destroyed my life – I cry every night because I am so worried about our kids’ safety. “I would happily move out of my flat and into a shed in the middle of nowhere if it meant we could be safe. We have suffered so much abuse over the last two years – they have even thrown bacon at me because they know Muslims don’t eat pork. I’m not Muslim but I know it was a dig at my partner. It’s absolutely awful.”

She said yobs chased her partner up the street with an iron bar, and later threw a beer can at them. The 32-year-old claims the gang of teenagers, believed to be aged from about 13 to 17, have repeatedly hurled racist abuse at them and warned them to leave the estate. Nicola, who last year gave birth to her second child, Arshad, claims she has also been forced to scrap three cars over the last 18 months after they were vandalised by the yobs.

Sheffield Star, 26 March 2008