Faith groups speak with one voice against far-right ahead of general election

With racism and hatred manifesting itself so starkly recently in the form of anti-Muslim hatred, Islamophobia and xenophobia, the Muslim Council of Britain today voiced its support for the following pledge:

“With the approach of the General Election we are all too aware of those political forces who would seek to divide our country by promoting ideologies of racism and prejudice. We are immensely proud of the fundamentally British characteristics of equality, respect and fairness and of British society’s uncompromising rejection of the demonisation of any group, whether religious, ethnic or otherwise.

“We therefore urge every British citizen to use their vote to support any party of their choice which stands opposed to the destructive politics of hatred, to vote for freedom not fear, partnerships not prejudice, and hope not hate.”

This pledge is pertinent now when there is a very real prospect that far-right parties – emboldened by their hatred of Muslims and others – may make significant electoral gains at the General Election.

The pledge unites organisations from across all of British society, including a range of faith-based and minority community bodies. It brings together people of diverse religious affiliations and political persuasions to deliver a clear message to those that seek to divide and cause conflict between people because of their religion, culture or ethnicity: we are united in our opposition to the politics of hate.

MCB press release, 22 April 2010