Exeter: 800 against planned EDL march

Momentum is gathering against a far right wing organisation’s plans to hold a march in Exeter.

The English Defence League (EDL) plans take to the city’s streets on Saturday, November 16. However a group opposing the bid, Exeter Together, has signed up more than 800 people and organisations to condemn it.

Spokeswoman Hannah Packham said they would be holding an inclusive family-friendly Celebration of Diversity – to celebrate the city’s rich cultural heritage. “Our event is being held away from the EDL march, and will be an opportunity for Exeter to come together to celebrate the multi-cultural, multi-race, multi-faith diversity of the city,” she said.

“Exeter has united. The Exeter Together meetings have been inspiring, bringing together individuals and groups from all backgrounds and cultures, demonstrating what makes our city great. Our event will have local people who live and work in the city, and are passionate about celebrating a tolerant and welcoming community. In contrast, EDL members will be coming from all over the UK to try to try to spread their hate and lies.”

She added: “Our message is clear: the EDL and with their racist, divisive politics are not welcome in Exeter.”

The Exeter Together event will start in Belmont Part at 10.30am on November 16 with a march to the city centre.

The EDL’s plans have been met with widespread opposition from city residents, community and religious group, councillors, trade unions and MP Ben Bradshaw.

Western Morning News, 12 November 2013