Even FPÖ draws line at member who compared Norway killings with abortion on demand

The Freedom Party (FPÖ) has decided to expel a member for his disputed statements regarding a recent massacre in Norway.

Werner Königshofer, who represented the right-wing party in the federal parliament in Vienna, compared the acts of Anders Behring Breivik with abortion on demand. The Tyrolean politician deplored the “death of millions of unborn children all over Europe.” Breivik killed at least 76 people by placing a car bomb in the city centre of Oslo last week before going on a shooting spree on a nearby lake island.

Königshofer did not only cause outcry with his theories about abortion on demand. Shortly after first details about the deranged mind of Breivik emerged, he claimed on his profile on social networking site Facebook: “The Islamic threat has struck Europe a thousand times more often.”

FPÖ Tyrol chief Gerald Hauser welcomed the decision to kick Königshofer out as a “correct and necessary step.” However, the expelled member of the federal parliament (MP) said he would appeal the decision of Strache and Hofer which still needs the green light by the party board.

Königshofer said he heard about the decision of the FPÖ leaders only in the media. The right-winger – whose Facebook profile has been taken offline in the meantime – was member of a far-right party which was officially prohibited for spreading neo-Nazi propaganda before he joined the FPÖ in 1987. Before publishing his statements regarding the tragedy in Norway, the Innsbruck-based politician was criticised over his Facebook page’s links with alleged neo-Nazis.

Austrian Independent, 29 July 2011