Ethnic smears hinder good government

More on the “Islam won” story (see here). The statement was originally attributed to Omar Alghabra after he was selected as a Liberal Party candidate in Canada. When that account was shown to be a fraud, the accusation was shifted to another Muslim politician, Khalid Usman.

“It’s an allegation Mr. Usman vehemently denies. ‘I know for a fact I never said Islam won. It was nothing about Islam taking over something,’ he said. ‘There is no way in the world. I never would have said it.’ Mr. Usman said he was out of the room for much of the meeting and, when he came in, was invited to the stage to make a few comments. He allows he may have uttered a traditional praise to Allah, but not with the intention of bringing religion into politics. If a Christian politician were to shout ‘hallelujah’ after a victory, would there be a controversy?”, 29 December 2005