EDL supporters back racist who attacked Muslim community centre

Daniel Parker EDLEnglish Defence League supporters have organised an e-petition demanding the release of Daniel Parker, who recently received an 8-month prison sentence for his role in an EDL mob that attacked the Barnsley Muslim Community Centre and racially abused its imam.

Here are some of the comments added by those who signed the “Free Danny Parker” petition:

“The riots earlier this year was just a taster of whats to come, if they carry on turning on patriots and pandering to the trouble causers there will be a revolution before much longer and then what will they do!”

“some Muslim can disrespect our country by burning a poppy right in front of our nations eyes and gets a fine for 50 pound but then one of our own speaks his mind and gets locked up its just not fair at all”

“I have never met Danny but I would gladly shake his hand and I agree with his non-violent actions, it’s just a shame our justice service is deluded and exaggerate on political correctness.”

“if actions like these keep happening to BRITISH! Citizens then you should be prepared for the backlash,british people have had enough of foreigners being put before us rightful inhabitants of this country”

“That judge is a complete CLOWN!!! … In this world you should be able to speak your mind, without the fear of JAIL.”

“hes only said what we’re all thinking, is there no such thing as free speach anymore?? foreigners are getting away with everything!!! makes me so angry!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Daniel Parker just voiced his opinion in a non violent way and for this he is jailed for 8 months.THE JUDGE SHOULD HANG HIS HEAD IN SHAME”

“what a joke free the man!!! He was only using his freedom of speech!!!!!”

“why is it so wrong for us to say how we feel but yet get the worst punishment ever and yet people of a different race can shout what they want to us in whatever language they speak other than English but how often do you see those getting sentenced ? never !”

“If you value your freedoms, please sign this petition to free a political prisoner. Support free speech in a free England!”

“This is a blatant infringement of our Freedom of Speech! 8 months in jail for expressing what the whole country is thinking is absurd!!! We DEMAND his release immediately!! … We will NOT be silent no matter what. MUSLIM BOMBERS OFF OUR STREETS!!!”

“Get Danny Parker out NOW! The Hell with the Muzzies! If I were the PM, I would deport them all PERIOD!”

“Wake up brits before it’s too late! down with sharia law!!”

“2 tier system yet again! Shout abuse at troops=nothing, singing=8 months! justice system is a crock of shit!”

“used to be proud of our British laws knowing if you broke them what you could expect, now it seem if you are a muslim extreemist you are above the law and no one can touch you and i am ashamed.”

“free this lad he only sang what we normally sing”

“Total injustice mate, u should never be locked up just for speaking your mind”

“this country is so run by muslims now we will all go to jail for shouting things we believe”

“A family man taken from his family and children for a few truthful words i dont see any christian bombers? hindu bombers? jewish bombers on our streets. Shame on you all”

“To be imprisoned for speaking ones mind is an affront to freedom of speech.”

“We can commit our Soldiers to help give people free speech in Afghanistan and Libya, but in this Country we bang people up for it. WHY??????”

“This is outrageous! You put a family man in jail for shouting five innocent words,that just happen to be accurate,but you allow hate monegring,racist,blood thirsty calls for jihad and the downfall of English society to go?? Gutless bastards,it would be poetic justice if one of your family members or YOU happen to feel the prphets sword on your neck first.ASSHOLES!”

“Its Time for the Police and Government to Uphold the ‘Law’ and arrest anyone committing Treason in Our Country , any Muslim who incites , Condones , Preaches or is openly promoting the downfall of Our nation through clandestine movements which threaten Democracy the Crown and Our Christian Religion, Human Right, Gay rights . DO YOUR JOB ! The people have had enough you will push our Country into Civil war”

“Freedom of speech is a right, if the Muslims can speak out again us so freely, why shouldn’t we state it too? He only said facts!”

“how rediculous! its totally unjust. if he was muslim he would not be jailed”

“let him out now the muslims have more hate in them and thay get away with it”

“People of the islamic ideology can say and do whatever they please, yet anyone else who uses freedom of speech goes to prison. Terrible…”

“this country is going down the shitter,with the usual race card routine with help from this Dhimmi government and judicial system,Danny Parker has done absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever,free speech in his own country”

“the goverment needs to wake up before it gets too late theres going to be lots of bloodshed on our streets and it wont be the none muslims doing it it will be muslim extremists trying to impose shia law they already stated that they want dewsbury bradford and tower hamlets. enoughs enough give our freedom of speech back and listern to whats been said.”

“Do we see the Muslim extremists getting locked up, NO. this is ridiculous. “

“To jail him for this means the courts support the muslim bombers. If they are against Danny Parker, they must be for the bombers. There is no third choice”

“The Government wanna stop arresting people up fOr stupid stuff!! Start going for the real threats an criminals to England such as the Muslim peadophile rings ect!!! Disgusting!!”

“total disgrace! release an innoncent man from prison to be with his wife and children. I am sickened by this, it would be different if he was black!”

In a post on the “Free Danny Parker” Facebook page, Parker’s wife Cheryl warns that “if the press see some of the comments they’re just going to dismiss us as a group of far right supporters”. You can see her point, can’t you?

Update:  Not that EDL supporters have heeded Mrs Parker’s advice. Recent comments by signatories to the petition include:

“Be warned you politicians it wont be long before there’s another riot. People will only put up with so much Bullshit before they snap.”

“islam is not a race, neither is it a religion, but an ideology no different from nazism. s lets ‘GET DANNY OUT!'”

Update 2:  There has been a heated discussion of the case over at the Barnsley Chronicle‘s Facebook page. Cheryl Parker has been banned and her comments deleted after she falsely accused one of her husband’s critics of being a sex offender.

Still, Mrs Parker is not without her supporters. Here is one comment that was posted in her defence:

EDL Barnsley Chronicle Ian Shaw comment

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