EDL supporter: Breivik’s a ‘hero in the war on Islam’

EDL supporters on Facebook were confused over how to respond to the Norway atrocity.

“How sick are these animals to randomly shoot kids at a summer camp for christ sake,” said the EDL’s Facebook account. But this was before the real killer was known. Before long, there was a reappraisal of the slaughter.

The EDL Jewish Division, on learning that the summer camp had discussed Palestine before the attack, posted “Ah, that explains the man’s actions.” It added, “This exposes the scum for what they are!”

Another supporter, “Michelle Miley”, wrote: “gimme a break. anders is a hero in the war against islam”.

One user on the wall of EDL member “Clive Gloucestershire” writes that “if he was like us… he wouldn’t have killed his own ppl… makes no sense… a mosque full of muslim retards-yes”.

Meanwhile, EDL member “Matty Hemsley” wrote: “I would have supported him 100% if he had just stuck to bombs instead of killing them poor brainwashed children”.

Several members spoke of remembering Anders Behring Breivik from EDL activities. This led one member, “Brett Cooper”, to tell others to keep quiet about the links: “Guys id be careful what your typing on here,” he wrote online. “anything that ties us to him will be all over the news and give us terrorist links for sure”.

Socialist Worker, 26 July 2011