EDL incites attacks on mosques

The English Defence League has posted a link on its Facebook page to the UK Mosque Searcher facility on the Muslims in Britain website, urging EDL supporters to use it in order to identify the mosques in their area.

EDL identify mosques

Given that an EDL activist is currently on bail having been charged over an arson attack on a mosque in Stoke-on-Trent, and that Casuals United recently celebrated the EDL’s role in encouraging the burning down of a proposed Islamic centre in North Wales, it is difficult to see this Facebook post as anything other than incitement.

And sure enough, the comments by EDL supporters have featured a number of calls for violence against mosques and the people who worship in them, while the EDL admins’ only intervention in the discussion has been to stoke up the anti-Muslim hysteria by reminding supporters that the UK Mosque Searcher underestimates the number of mosques because “this figure does not include those waiting for planning permission or currently being built”.

You can view some typical comments here. As Exposing the English Defence League points out, anyone who doesn’t know the EDL should read through them if they want to understand what the organisation really stands for – “religious persecution, arson, bigotry, hatred and ignorance”.